2000 People Large Party Tent Sale for Evening Party

Agile group 7th anniversary was held in Hainan, Sanya. There are more than 2000 people at the party. We provide more than 2500 square meters of large tents. When the beautiful scenery, banquet hall intersection, the island immersed in the annual lovely atmosphere.

Use 50 meters wide, span 8 meters, customized side party tents, providing spacious and flexible space. The banquet tent is decorated with red and white curtains. Two huge chandeliers can be seen everywhere. A large party; a small light around the tent; a banquet in the sky; a shining star.

Large banquet tents can not create the same atmosphere as the hotel, but the effect is remarkable. And these can not be achieved by traditional structure. Do you want an unexpected party event full of surprises? Please contact us.

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