Assembled Event Tent For Exhibition

Exhibition of international low carbon technology products exhibition, our exhibition tent is the first exhibition held by local government in China, and was closed in Zhenjiang in January 16th. After that, it was extended for two days due to public demand.

Since the first two days and two other days of the public have many celebrities, the Zhenjiang international Low Carbon Expo has become very famous. In addition, the exhibition has become a “satisfactory” popularity from the completion of professional spirit. During the exhibition, a number of new technologies, products and low carbon projects were released, which made people realize that low carbon not only saves energy, but also makes life better. Just like the spirit of the low carbon show, products such as assembling and displaying tents are also environmentally friendly.

As a professional mobile tent designer and manufacturer in China, it has passed the standardization of work processes and has provided more than 10000 square meters of assembled tents for low carbon trade, including various specifications. The exhibition attracted nearly two hundred exhibitors, mainly in advanced low carbon industry leading enterprises, such as GE, Dow Chemical and other Fortune 500 companies and well-known enterprises Chinese car Ali cloud, DIDI etc.

In order to meet the organizers, the construction of the tent hall pays special attention to the concept of energy saving and environmental protection. The tent structure of Li Li is not limited by the space, but the construction speed is fast, the cost is saved, and the labor force is little. In addition, according to customer requirements for expansion, rapid disassembly. In addition, the building materials of tents can be recycled. In the design of the tent, the side of the tent is exposed by glass doors and natural light, so that the exhibition hall has very transparent and comfortable lighting. On the other hand, flexible open and close tent structure is a good way to prevent the high traffic volume caused by the closed circuit. It is very helpful to the air circulation inside the exhibition hall. It not only provides convenient conditions for participants, but also provides a good viewing experience for visitors.

For the first time in the field of professionals and talents, the Zhenjiang international Low Carbon Expo is a very valuable and bumper show. This value is mainly based on the low carbon full of “green gold” optimistic about the future. Responsible for global climate change and speeding up low-carbon development. On the road of harmonious development, Zhenjiang continues to explore actively and has been forging ahead.

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