Clear Top Tent for Outdoor Party Venue


Want to add a special bling to your party to make it memorable? Why don’t you use a special tent? Get rid of traditional party venues and invite your guests to play outside and enjoy parties under cool tents. Not only economical, but also different from traditional gatherings. This is effective, because the clear ceiling can save your party, from the hot sun, wind or rain.
The dome may be a perfect solution.
The picture above shows the roof of our tent and clear top for outdoor dining tent in Sweden in 2015 master Nordea. As shown in the picture, the dome tent is a beautiful structure with beautiful roof lines and great internal space. It also gives you a feeling that you can use as an outdoor center, a wedding site, a dining place, a gathering place, an exhibition area, etc.. In addition, the dome shaped tent can be upgraded to an arc-shaped tent with eaves extending. In addition, the dome tent shown above has a transparent top. It can make events amazing, especially at night.
Of course, clear ceiling and dome shaped tents you just from one of our choices. We can provide you with thousands of different styles and sizes of tents at any time, and there should be a design tent that meets your requirements.

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