Customized Military Tent

Military Tent For Sale

How can professional military training reduce the support of military tents, strong resistance or typhoon resistance? Military tents made of high strength Aluminum Alloy tube, high-grade PVC tarpaulin, flame retardant double-sided PVC synthetic fiber cloth. Flame retardant complies with European standard DIN4102, B1, M2. You can choose the color of tarpaulin including army green, white or camouflage. All Liri tents can be used as military tents. The span can range from 3 meters to 60 meters, and can be multiplied by 3 meters or 5 meters long. For example: 6x12m, 8x15m, 15x25m, and 40x80m.
In addition, military tents can also serve as temporary command centers, temporary military training centers and field exercise venues. They can also be used in field reconnaissance, Air Force bases, headquarters, medical rescue stations, earthquake headquarters, United Nations Relief floors, and good warehouses.
Inside, you can find stable, windproof, new, and beautiful army accounts. Whether it’s building a military tent, a victim of long-term or short-term residence, or a military training center, a tent can give you a stable and comfortable home to enjoy.

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