Fabric Hexagonal High Peak Tent For Carnival

Peak Tent With Fabric Hexagonal For Carnival

As a kind of entertainment, circus can not only bring happiness to the audience, but also show the courage of challenge to the audience, so that they can see the glory. Liri tents can make circus performances more exciting by providing our Carnival tent.
Based on professional technology and rich experience, Lili launched Carnival tent tent polygon design, such as advanced hexagonal, octagonal, ten corners, twelve corners, mixed high peak, showing a more elegant shape, highly consistent with the requirements of the circus.
The fabric hexagon peak tent is designed for exterior red and yellow, pure white for the interior, which gives us a more attractive, yet prominent view of the experience. Ordinary Carnival tent size includes 6 meters, 8 meters, 9 meters, 10 meters and 12 meters, the standard side of 2.6 meters high, the use of flame retardant double PVC coated fabric in power outages or interruptions. This is the best choice for Carnival show.

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