Military Hangar Tents for Sale

Professional military training can reduce the support of military hangar tents, professional tent hangar design, durable, wind speed 120 km / h (air volume 0.7 kg / square meter), anti snow load 25-75 kg / square meter.

In 2013, the tent company, the latest innovation in the outdoor hangar tent, showed a polygon, breaking the traditional style of the hangar design style, not only beautiful, but also practical.

Polygon warehouse tent terrain adaptability, in addition to the use of cement, but also on the grass and even built temporary land, reduce the difficulty of the construction site, but also shorten the construction time, very suitable for the air force and civil aviation small aircraft as a temporary or permanent hangar.

The military hangar tent has no fixed size, depending on the size of the aircraft. You can also choose to use a variety of options, such as thin film thermal insulation roof insulation sandwich wall, long-span flexible lifting door, eyes, color lamp, wall, door, electric door, floor system, drainage system, fire system, ventilation equipment. The equipment is available at any time. The biggest feature of an innovative outdoor hangar tent is flexibility, convenience, and high cost performance.

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