Moduling Sports Tent

Moduling Tent For Sports Event

Modular sports tent is the most flexible large tent structure with unlimited possibilities, spanning from 10 meters to 60 meters, every 3 meters or 5 meters. Due to space restrictions or requirements of sports events, modular sports tents are the best choice for large tent these organizers sometimes need to build more than 30 meters, but sometimes in a small tent set up 10 meters or 20 meters.
Because it is flexible, simulation tent can meet different requirements of various large and small sports event, whether it is used for indoor soccer, swimming pool, skating rink, tennis courts, or as security, restaurant, lounge.
In addition, the simulated sports tent can offer a variety of sizes, and we also offer many different floor options. There are many differences in appearance, A type roof, multi arch, peach, arched and double deck. There is no doubt that in the coming years, more and more activities will be simulated using sports tents.

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