Arcum Double Decker Tent



The width of the Arcum Double Decker Tent is 15 meters to 30 meters. The structure is modular and designed to adjust the length of the curved double deck tent in the 3M bay. The tent frame (upright bracket and roof beam) is made of 300x120x5 / 8mm four channel, high strength extrusion and anodized aluminum (6061 / T6), and the PVC cover is made in accordance with the flame retardant double-layer PVC coating polyester fabric standard. Our curved double deck canopy has a professional tensioning system that can customize your logo. Using high quality timber floor support structure, two layer system adopts 28mm thick waterproof plywood.

Arcum Double Decker offers a number of improvements to provide more value for your purchases, including: rod system, not rubber tensioning system and fixed side wall to eaves beam, rather than hanging on the ring ring. These improvements allow our products to increase wind load and tightness, interchangeable parts. Since most of the small parts between the two tents are compatible, the arc double deck tent can be easily exchanged between the arc and the regular A double deck deck.

The arc-shaped double deck tent structure can be used in temporary or permanent buildings, and is widely used in the VIP auditorium by many top event planners and international sporting events. We also provide customized design services to ensure that you get products that meet your exact requirements.
Arcum Double Decker tent with a full range of accessories compatible to add features, such as PVC transparent window wall, ground anchor, weight plate, lining and curtain glass wall, ABS wall, sandwich wall, glass door, sliding door, rolling door, transparent roof and side wall, floor system and rain ditch system.


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