Arcum Tent



Arcum tent series including ABT (15-25m, 204x120x4mm, AEBT: the main profile (15-30m), the main profile: 256x120x5mm), ATH (15-40m, 300x125x5 / 8mm, the main contour) modular structure, the length can be increased and decreased by 5 million bay. High strength aluminum alloy (6061 / T6) for arch frame, roof, fire resistant, double sided, PVC synthetic cloth, in conformity with European DIN4102, B1, M2 standards.

Optional accessories can be used for various arc tents, can strengthen its application and function, such as PVC transparent window wall, anchor, weight plate, decorative roof lining and side curtain, glass doors, ABS hard wall, transparent roof and side wall, floor system, rain gutters etc..

Arcum tent is a unique tent type, it is based on the “A” frame tent design, reasonable absorption of traditional Chinese architectural design elements. The roof beam bends into a curve. The Arcum tent is fairly rugged and has a wind resistant capability of up to 100 mph (0.5kn / sqm), easy to assemble, disassemble and portable.

Beautiful outline, elegant arc roof, spacious interior space, especially balcony, make arc tent more suitable for large-scale exhibitions and activities.
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