Curve Tent



The curvilinear tent series, designed and developed independently by the LIRI technology team in 2010, is now widely used around the world and is favored by high quality and high quality appearance. Compared to the traditional A tent, the shape of the curve tent is more special. It is a modular structure that can be added or reduced in the 5m bay. The frame employs a hard extrusion aluminum alloy (6061 / T6). The roof and side walls are made of flame retardant double layer PVC coated polyester fabric, which is strictly in accordance with European DIN4102B1, M2 quality control standards.

The curve tent is not only durable, and durable, drag up to 100km / h (0.5kn – /m). The curve tent can be disassembled and extended flexibly through modularized structure, easy to assemble and disassemble, and the storage capacity is small. It can be used in many temporary activities as well as in big tent series, and is also a good choice for permanent buildings. Wind resistance and snow cover are stronger because of the curved aluminum roof beams and the perfect roof covering the tensioning system.

Various optional accessories extend the functions and uses of the curve tent. Such as PVC fabric wall, arched transparent window, anchor, weight plate, decorative roof lining and side curtain wall glass, ABS, solid wall, steel sandwich wall, corrugated steel plate wall, glass doors, sliding doors, shutters, transparent roof covering and wall, floor system, PVC hard rain gutters the bell etc..


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