Double Decker Tent



You can buy or rent double deck tents, or you can also provide customized services. The twin deck structure was designed by litchi in 2012 as the latest tent series, bringing China’s tent Market to a new era. The design first came from Germany, since its birth, with its unique appearance and high quality, has won many fans at home and abroad.

A double deck tent consists of two layers of tents designed for durability, wind protection, and snow. Wind resistance is as high as 100km / h (air volume is 0.5 kn / m2). The aluminum alloy frame material adopts the strengthened aluminium alloy 6061 / T6 extrusion profile, the surface anodic oxidation treatment, the roof cover and the side wall are 850g / m2 PVC coating, polyester textile flame retardant, conforms to DIN4102, B1, M2. In addition, using high-quality timber floor support structure, two layer system adopts 28mm thick waterproof plywood. The double deck tent is also made of a modular system of traditional, clear, span structures. The length can be extended 5m intervals, unrestricted and identical to the normal structure. The time required for the installation is very short and can be repeatedly installed and disassembled. Easy to transport is another advantage of the double deck structure.

The special design of our double deck tent gives space of 200%, saving extra waste. These parts are Aluminum Alloy stairs and two floor balcony outside the tent, improvement and innovation, we can find a spire in the tent on the roof; we added a banner advertising space, provides a tent in the print advertising platform for advertisers.

The double deck tent structure provides VIP spectator seats for the world’s top large-scale events and various international sports games, such as soccer, golf, equestrian and racing. Not only can solve limited land problems, but also can provide visitors with a broader view of the best experience.


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