Flooring Systems of Marquees


Marcks is usually set up outdoors, but the problems we encounter are not inevitable: uneven or unclean reasons.
That’s why more and more people like to choose the floor system in order to get a good foundation.
The quality of the floor system can make the mainland flat, more beautiful and durable. The wood floor system has the unique advantages of other floor systems and is very convenient to disassemble. This is the best choice for the floor system.
In order to meet the different needs of different customers, LIRI has always been innovative in recent years to meet customer needs. The wooden floor system is also used for all frame selection models.
Currently, the LIRI offers three floor systems.
First: ordinary wooden floor system, easy installation, reasonable price.
Second: box wood flooring systems, modular systems, facades and skid proof surfaces. It can be installed on irregular ground.
Third: VIP box wood flooring system, each plate has an aluminum frame. Place them on the aluminum beam to make sure it is smooth and of sufficient weight.
VIP box flooring system can be used in the lobby floor decoration, high-end activities, the highest utilization rate.
The VIP floor system is noted for its superior quality. Brown 21mm thick film plywood, waterproof, anti slip, protective aluminum alloy frame, absolutely safe and economical. It can solve the trouble of uneven ground, which is the biggest advantage. The edges of the plywood are covered with cemented carbide similar to the grade beam to ensure fastness. It also provides a stage and custom floor system to meet customer needs.


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