Geodesic Dome Tent



Geodesic domes have become more and more popular over the years. As the industry’s leading brand China pearl tents, tents Lirui has always been committed to innovation and perfect all kinds of high-quality tent structure.
The geodesic dome structure is made of high quality steel Q235. The structure is finished by hot dipping, double faced zinc plating and white powder coating. As for the film, we use PVC coated polyester fabric, flame retardant that conforms to DIN4102.B1.M2. The geodesic dome has a diameter of 9.5 meters and a center of 4.75 meters high. It can withstand 11 strong winds.
To meet the various requirements and make it more flexible, the Liri offers a full suite of optional accessories for geodesic dome tents such as air conditioning, floor systems, roof linings, glass doors, transparent PVC covers, etc..
So far, Lily tent has designed 5 membrane options for our clients:
Transparent front (1): white, opaque, PVC fabric, removable, exchangeable transparent, transparent front, is our most common solution.
Shading (2): white, opaque PVC fabric with removable, exchangeable white, opaque front is ideal for internal darkening.
Transparent film (3): fully transparent PVC cover, suitable for night activities, provides you with the possibility of creating magical light effects.
Brand film (4): full color print fabric or printed removable front, ideal for placing information on your brand.
Open dome (5): unique 2 in 1 solutions incorporating classic dome shapes, structures, and fully innovative mobile stage systems.
Opaque PVC fabric can be replaced with an opaque single layer lid, which is perfect for creating visible lighting effects from the outside.


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