Hangar Tent



The hangar tent is the latest tent series developed by our company. It applies to Navy, aviation and civil aviation as temporary or permanent hangar for light aircraft.
The main frame of the hangar tent is made of hard extruded anodic alumina alloy. Closures and side walls are made of flame retardant double PVC coated polyester textiles, strictly in accordance with European standards DIN, 4102B1, M2.
The sizes of the hangar tents can be made according to the different sizes of the aircraft. The main features of the framework are specially designed for highly configured thin film insulated PVC textiles. Long-span flexible lifting door and sandwich wall to form a unique hangar in the tent.
Hangar tent with various optional accessories, different functions, such as thin film insulation roofing insulation, sandwich wall, long-span flexible lifting door, color steel wall, LED lighting, working doors, shutter doors, floor system, rain water, fire system, ventilation system, etc..
The hangar tent is sturdy and durable and can withstand up to 120KM / h (0.7KN / m2 wind load). Its small shipping size, easy assembly and disassembly, make this tent the best choice for companies such as the Navy, aviation and civil aviation.
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