Warehouse Tents



Whether you need a permanent building or industrial application of business growth, you will need a temporary storage solution, Zhuhai Lirui tent can provide you the ideal. Our warehouse tents for the construction enterprises of the season convenient, flexible venues, flexible allocation of space, to avoid increasing space leasing, remote work and other hidden costs of production. The construction of warehouse tents does not require permanent foundations on almost any ground – asphalt, concrete or lawn. Flexible and economical tents are far superior to conventional steel structures, building construction, and no land permits required. Because the basic requirements are few, the cost is low, the maintenance is simple and the price is cheap. Most importantly, the Liri warehouse tent modular architecture design, integrated storage tent provides a good foundation, you can tailor your architecture according to your needs for industrial applications.
The tent construction of Li Li warehouse adopts German technology and conforms to international building codes. Establish Liri storage tent according to operation standard and be able to withstand at least 80KM / h wind. The structure can be selected from 3 meters to 60 meters at any span length indefinitely. There are no load-bearing pillars in the tent.


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