Temporary Sport Hall Tent

Temporary tent for sports events

With the twenty-ninth Olympic Games held in Beijing in 2008, Chinese sports have developed vigorously, and the demand for various kinds of temporary sports facilities has gradually increased.

As a company with extensive experience in the manufacture and construction of stadiums and tents, the lily tent can provide sports venues, tents, badminton courts, volleyball courts, swimming pools, football stadiums and other sports venues and tents. In addition to sports venues, tents can also be equipped with recreational areas, selling points, lounge and other functional areas. Tents can also be equipped with LED screens and professional photographic equipment accessories, so our gym tent can be better than outdoor outdoor lighting and better audience viewing experience. Most importantly, the temporary stadium tent can be a complete indoor area with a roof or side wall or glass wall. As a result, people don’t have to think about the weather when they organize activities in stadiums and tents.

Compared with traditional construction such as complex approval process, construction speed and cost control, the installation of sports hall tent is simpler and saves time. It takes about 2-3 days to complete the installation of 1000 square meters of tents. Save time, after approval, not only can save installation time, but also save costs.

Sports events are becoming more and more popular in the world, so we think that temporary stadiums and tents will become the trend of the future tent development.

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