Tents For Outdoor Events

In recent years, automobile exhibition tents are often used in large events, exhibitions, stadiums and other occasions, which not only saves the cost of activities, but also solves the problem of lack of space. As a result, outdoor tents have become one of the essential facilities of today’s automobile exhibition. Flexibility and flow are unique advantages of outdoor tents, which can be exposed to a large number of car brands and become the scenery of automobile exhibition.

Unlike traditional racing events, E is committed to the pursuit of innovation and sustainability, as well as to the electric vehicle industry and new energy sources. In addition, it can promote the development of multi culture and improve the quality of urban life. It is because of these positive ideas that formula E has become an international and sustainable event.

The FIA Formula E was held in Hongkong in 2016, and the track was about 2 kilometers long. To have racing games in the most prosperous part of the international city, you need temporary tents to participate in the event. The company provides large temporary outdoor tent for maintenance, safety, parking, waiting area, VIP room, lounge, dining room, parking lot, warehouse and so on.
The company’s outdoor tent provides a comfortable and ideal place for the auto show. In addition, viewers can enjoy the show throughout the event.
The versatile outdoor tent includes a series of temporary and permanent modular building solutions designed to meet a wide variety of car shows, events, and events throughout the year.

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