Two Storey Exhibition Tent with Glass Wall

Although many fantastic scenes of shock, but Chanel is the headline Lafayette a shocking move, he will personally Paris The Grand Palace transformation into Chanel five Rocket Space Center, and personally lit casinos, airport, supermarket, space launch center. Experience is very cool, fantastic and sci-fi.

As fashion unfolds in a variety of creative ways, it can be applied to other products. Recently, Liri Tent has worked closely with a large construction machinery company to create an eye-catching glass curtain wall exhibition hall. Mobile architecture provides more choices for product release, without site restrictions. As the most attractive structure during the exhibition, our transparent glass wall can be displayed at the 360 degree hall.

In addition to the glass curtain tent, the Liri tent also offers a wide range of mobile buildings as showrooms, such as flat roof tents, double tents, curved tents, etc..

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